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Young Fryderyk used to visit the village of Zbójno, as it was located on the shortest route from Szafarnia to Obory.

  Szlak Fryderyka Chopina Zbójno

In the 19th century the village of Zbójno belonged to Piotr Sumiński , later to his son Antoni (1783 – 1854) and his grandson Artur (1834 – 1886). In the years 1850 – 1860 a storied palace with park was erected in Zbójno, which now requires urgent renovation and maintenance works. Next to the palace there was a farm and administrative building. The park occupied the area between the palace and Zbójno Lake and the area used to be greater than it is now. Artur Sumiński, a participant of the January Uprising, wanted to protect his property against impending seizure and, therefore, he went to Golub and sold the property to the Dzierżanowski family. The last owner of the village before the Second World War was Michał Dzierżanowski, who live under changed name in Warsaw during the Nazi occupation. The Nazis converted the palace into a school and boarding school for young Germans and, at the end of the war, they converted it again into a military hospital, which was also used by the Soviets for a short period of time. By virtue of a decree on land reform, the property of Zbójno was partitioned upon the consent signed by Michał Dzierżanowski, who was given by the new authority a small flat in the basement of the eastern wing of the palace, where he lived until his death in 1965. In 1945 the palace was converted into a school and now it is a dwelling place for several families. “Drumliny Zbójeńskie“ is a complex of round-shaped hills with oval horizontal contours. The hills were created under the ice sweet as a result of erosion of the ice and ice waters. They are separated from one another by narrow declines, in which one can often find tiny pools and picturesque lakes. The hills are made of sand and gravel covered by till.

The complex of ”Drumliny Zbójeńskie“ shaped At the bottom of the decline created as a result of connection of several tunnel valleys within wavy moraine upland. The height of the hills does not exceed the height level of the neighbouring upland ranging from 100 - 112 m above the sea level. There are several forms of the type in the area and their regular contours and parallel ridges determine the beauty of the landscape.

The park includes 8 monumental and marked trees, including 4 London planes, a common beech, a red beech, a gingko tree and a horse chestnut tree.
Developed by: Andrzej Hermann
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